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Australia, Qatar & Egypt


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Australia, Qatar & Egypt


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Australia, Qatar & Egypt

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Sick? Looking for a Doctor? Worried about a chronic condition?

At Home Doc brings you Doctors, Medications and Laboratories
to your Home in less than 90 min.

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Perfect for individuals, Families and small groups

  • Dedicated Care team assigned 

  • 50% off on consultations

  • Skilled doctors at your doorstep within 90 min

  • Medications and Investigations Credits

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Perfect for Chronic Conditions Patients

  • Dedicated Care team assigned 

  • Regular Home doctor visits

  • Medication refill and delivery on schedule

  • Regular checks up

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  • Employee Benefit Plans сovering up to 70% of their healthcare needs

  • Onsite nurses and visiting doctors

  • Pre-employment health checkups

  • Employees Regular and annual Health checkups

At Home Doc in Numbers

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Luckily I remembered hearing about this service and within an hour of calling, the amazing Dr Ahmed arrived to our home. He was so gentle and thorough with his examination of my son and my son slept on my lap for the entire checkup-no distress whatsoever. The doctor then returned a little while later with medications for my son-we didn't even have to leave bed. The second time Dr Ahmed attended to a wound on my sons leg I was just as impressed. His patient manner is just excellent, better than any pediatrician I have visited at any clinic or hospital here in Doha. He played games with my son to distract him whilst doing the checks and again my son was very happy in his care. As a bonus we can claim back the costs of the visit through our insurance. I am really looking forward to when AtHomeDoc gets its license for home vaccinations so I can use the service for my sons scheduled vaccinations.

October 17

Cherwin Clair M. Legaspi

Clare Mary Flores

Hana Al-f

The most common illnessesour doctors treat

Acute respiratory infections


Skin infections and rashes

Urinary tract infections


Eye complaints

Neck, back and hip pain

Elderly ailments

Migraine and acute headache

Ear ache

Our Clinical Practice

We comply with the RACGP and local clinical guidelines. We are sure that providing the best healthcare to our patients is possible only by assuring a quality doctor work force.


Clinical Governance

Overseen by our great team of clinical directors and state of art AI technology.


Regular Trainings

 Professional development trainings are regularly scheduled for our doctors and nurses.


Surveys and Audits

Are provided to measure patients' satisfaction and the quality of overall practice. 

Our Team

Unified founders and senior management have led strategy and innovation at Healthcare, Technology and customer centeredness industries.

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Dr. Hatem El Feshawy

Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer 

An aesthetic surgeon and the founder of Medihealth Global Innovation, a qualified Specialist General and Cardiothoracic Surgeon, since 2007.

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Hesham El Feshawy

Co-founder and CEO

Hesham elfeshawy: An engineer by profession with more than 17 years of practical experience of leading customer centric multidisciplinary business. Hesham is one of the founders and the chief executive officer of MGI, an Australian born and incorporated in the state of Delaware USA health tech company , he holds a masters degree in business Hesham is a tech enthusiast who believes that technology will help people live A better life.

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Ahmed Mahmoud

Chief Technology Officer 

Ahmed is responsible for the tech part of the project. His vision and experience in complex high-load projects allowed to create a connection between people who need help and professional doctors.

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Dr. Ahmed Nasr

Medical Director

Practicing physician with 14 years of experience. M.B.B.Ch, Diploma of Paediatrics, AMC, Registered General Practitioner in Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


About Us

AHD is a Healthcare provider, who is responsible for our patient’s healthcare outcome, yet a 1st choice, striving to change the way people perceive healthcare through a world-class Medical & Customer care.Having the patient in the center of everything we do, AT HOME DOC is the property of “MGI” Medihealth Global Innovation Inc. Australian Born and incorporated at the state of Delaware USA.The Company is well known for its innovative solution AT HOME DOC, the first mobile App that brings Doctors, Medications, and Laboratories to patients’ homes or through video consultation in less than 90 min 24/7.The company is operating in three Markets with a plan to expand in more adjacent countries soon. Australia Medihealth Solutions PTY LTD, Qatar Medihealth solutions Doha and, Egypt as at Home Doc Egypt.AHD is a primary healthcare provider that complies with the Australian Clinical guidelines of the RACGP and the management of the chronic conditional regulatory guidelines.MGI innovates to empower people to care better for themselves and others around them. The scope of practice is the acute non-emergent medical conditions as well as chronic conditions management.Over the past 3 years we have reached out to more than 40,000 healthier patients collectively.

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